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Τρίτη, 4 Ιανουαρίου 2011

11,496 companies function in Kurdistan

Erbil, Jan.4 (AKnews)- The number of the registered companies in the Kurdistan Region amounts to over 11,000 companies.
Twana Ahmed, the media secretary for the Kurdistan Region’s Council of Ministers applauded the Region for attracting the foreign investors and encouraging the local businessman, describing its policies “successful.”

Ahmed told AKnews according to the latest official figures some 11,496 companies, foreign and local, have put their assets into investment in various fields of the Region. 
With the steady influx of the businessmen into Kurdistan, the Region is reinforcing its image as a lucrative zone. The reputation is further reinforced as the Region is presenting itself as a safe zone for trading with the rest of the war-ravaged Iraq.

Many consider the Kurdistan Region’s investment law a “key factor” for drawing the investors. The law is hailed as an investor-friendly regulation.

Reported by Hazhar Mohammed

Source: Lh/AKnews