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Σάββατο, 8 Ιανουαρίου 2011

Archaeologists Unearthed Byzantine Mosaic Painting in Syria

Global Arab Network

A mosaic painting dating back to the Byzantine era in the 6th millennium A.D. was discovered in Kfarnboda, Hama. Director of Hama Archaeology Department Abdulkader Farzat said the painting, which is 375 cm-long and 120 cm-wide, carries numerous geometrical shapes and decorations.

For his part, Director of Apamea Archaeology Department Nader Lada said the painting includes drawings taking the shape of squares, each five of which are positioned above each other vertically.

"In the center of the squares is a cross-shaped drawing. The painting, which is dominated by white and gray, is surrounded by a frame of two lines and inside is a geometrical strip of triangles," said Lada, adding that the painting was done with precision and skill.

Hama is rich in Syria's most important mosaic paintings. More than 50 % of the discovered such paintings are found in Hama.